WeFixIt is an online maintenance services app. Its main goal is to make the complaint handling system easier for the real estate. It helps make the communication process simpler. This app allows for easy communication between tenants, maintenance service providers, and real estate managers. Whether it is a complaint that a tenant wants to make, or maintenance service providers wanting to reply to a complaint. WeFixIt does it all. With a few easy steps. 

The process of writing long, detailed messages can be tiring. And reading them can take even longer. This is why the WeFixit app has introduced a feature to make communication easier. With WeFixit voice-messaging feature, the app just got a lot simpler.

Benefits of Voice Messaging

Voice messaging is a new form of communication in the world. People have started using this feature more and more in the current world. Voice messaging comes with lots of benefits, like:

  • Messaging, on-the-go

Voice messaging makes it easy for you to communicate while you are on the go. Typing out texts requires time to pause and actually pay attention to what you type. With voice messaging, you can just speak your words and send them with a single tap. All of this you can do, while you continue to do your tasks.

  • Flexibility

Voice messaging provides flexibility to both sender and receiver. Live calls require quick answering. This sometimes can be a distraction when the person is busy. Voice messages on the other hand can be listened to whenever the receiver has time. The voice message stays there, according to the receiver’s flexibility and space to listen and answer.

  • Clear Expression

Typing not only takes time, but sometimes makes it hard for you to express yourself. Voice messaging is very similar to live conversations. You have the chance to speak your words as they are. It helps you clearly explain what you are trying to say to the other person. This removes any chance of a misunderstanding between the sender and receiver.

  • Keeping a Record

Remembering what you read is hard. On the other hand, when you listen to something, it is much easier to remember that information. Voice messages can be very handy when you want to remember something. Voice Messages are kept safe in WeFixIt, so that you can view them anytime you want. It also ensures that no information is missed out in-between long text messages. 

Steps for sending a Voice Message, using WeFixIt

Now that we have gone through the benefits of voice messaging, you must be thinking about how it can be easier for you? Or are you ready to record and send your own voice messages? It takes only a few simple steps. Follow them to make your conversations a lot quicker.

  1. Press and hold down the ‘mic’ icon to start recording.

  2. When you are done recording, simply release the mic icon. Doing this will automatically send your message.

  3. Made a mistake while recording? Don’t worry! Just slide your finger towards the ‘close’ icon. (Do this without lifting your finger off the screen).

  4. You will see two ‘Grey ticks’ once your message is sent.

  5. If you want to see whether the receiver has heard your voice message, just look for the two ‘blue ticks’.

  6. To check the status of your complaint, simply tap and hold down the voice message you sent.


Why Should I Use WeFixit Voice Messaging app?

WeFixIt app is one of a kind. Unlike other apps around, WeFixIt allows clear communication between Tenants, Maintenance Teams and real estate managers. This way you do not have to rely on a third party for communication. This app removes the need for typing out long messages. With the help of this app, the customer can expressively communicate their opinions.

Who can use the WeFixIt Voice Messaging App?

The app is for anybody and everybody. The WeFixit Voice messaging app was specially made by keeping the users in mind. So that, anybody can use it with ease. Making communication easier. In case, you are confused about how to operate the app. Just go through the steps given on our website. This way you will be a pro at operating the app in no time.