Bounced Cheques can cause a number of problems. Having a returned cheque can be
difficult to manage. It can bring tensions and worries. Not only do you have to deal with the
consequences, but you also have to go through a lot of stress.
WeFixIt has the solution to avoid such issues. It enables you to set reminders for important dates that
you need to look out for. Simply open the app and navigate to the document tab and set the “reminders”. Thanks to the WeFixIt app, you will never miss another payment and avoid a canceled
cheque for good.

The Solution to Worries: WeFixIt Reminders

However, with the WeFixIt app, all of these issues are avoidable. WeFixIt is a landlord property maintenance app that has numerous features. One of its features includes setting reminders. How is this helpful? Using the WeFixIt, you can easily set reminders for any upcoming payment dates. 

In between, a lot of work, it is easy to lose track of important dates. It can be a cause of mental pressure when these dates have to do with important payments. When you set reminders on the WeFixIt app, it prompts you with a notification of the current upcoming due payment or cheque. You can never forget the important payment dates. This can help you easily avoid a bounced cheque and other payment issues.


How will this feature benefit me?

With the help of WeFixit, the real estate maintenance mobile app, you will be able to keep track of the upcoming dates when the payment is due. It will also help you to avoid the issues of having a bounced cheque.

What is a bounced cheque?

A bounced cheque is a cheque that is unable to be processed by the bank. One of the reasons for bounced bank cheques is insufficient funds in the account. In such cases, the payee and the payer both have to pay penalties.