Thinking of a trip away from home? Well, whether you’re in the mood for a weekend getaway or a month-long vacation, don’t forget to secure your home.

You don’t want to return to a dirty, dusty and damaged house so to prevent this from happening, get in touch with a technical services company and ease off this problem altogether!

Follow the checklist below, so you can return to a clean and undamaged home! 

  1. Setting Your Thermostat
Setting Your Thermostat

If you’re planning to turn off your thermostat before you leave – don’t! This is the quickest way for your home to become moldy, for the paint to peel off, and for bacteria to grow.

Turning off your thermostat for an extended period can also lead to high humidity, especially in a country like UAE where weather seems to take the troll.  

  1. Have Someone Occasionally Check-in
Have Someone Occasionally Check-in

This is important for the security of your house. Ask any friend, relative or neighbour to drop by once or twice a week to make sure your house is in good order and is damage-free. 

This is also to keep intruders from entering your house if your house is being visited by someone from time-to-time. 

  1. Timed Lights and Motion Sensors
Timed Lights and Motion Sensors

For extra security, consider installing motion detectors and timers on your lights. Timers can be purchased at any home supply store and they’re also easy to install. With timers, you can set fixed times for your home lights to be switched on, without the need for doing it manually.

Motion detectors, upon sensing movement, switch your outdoor lights on. These are small measures that give the impression of human presence and will keep your house safe from intruders. 

  1. Unplug Small Appliances
Unplug Small Appliances

An easy way to not consume energy unnecessarily and to have a low electricity bill while you’re on vacation is to unplug small appliances. These can be toasters, televisions, microwaves, lamps, etc. 

Make sure you only unplug small appliances and not large ones like your fridge, dishwasher, and oven! 

  1. Lawn Maintenance 
Lawn Maintenance

An unkempt lawn is a sign of homeowners not present for a long duration. For extra safety, hire a maintenance company to mow and tidy up your lawn. This will also benefit you when you return home to a neat and well-kept lawn!

  1. Clean out your fridge
Clean out your fridge

In the rush of making sure you have your passport and your packing is in order, you may forget to clean out your fridge. To not come home for a fridge with rotten food, check the following things:

  • Throw out the leftovers
  • Make sure all dairy products are consumed
  • Don’t leave behind fruits and vegetables
  1. Don’t Forget the Plumbing Services
Plumbing Services

You’ll want to contact a servicing company to do a run-through of your pipes, valves, and faucets before you leave for a vacation so you don’t return to an unpleasant plumbing surprise.

Make sure to get your plumbing fixtures and water heater inspected, drains cleaned, and sump pump checked, if you have one. 

  1. Smart Cameras for Extra Security

Home security is the biggest issue, when leaving for a vacation. This can be easily resolved by setting up a remote monitoring system. 

These security systems are accessible via the internet and can be controlled through your phone or computer. This way, you can view your house and make sure that everything is in place as you left it. You can install surveillance cameras yourself, or you can let a professional maintenance company handle it.

  1. Setting up Monitored Smoke Detectors

So, you’ve secured your house from break-ins, but what about a fire breaking out? Your battery-powered smoke detectors won’t be of much use if you’re not there to hear them.

Hiring a servicing company to set up a monitored smoke detector is your safest bet. These don’t require frequent battery changes, are more efficient, and provide fire protection even when you’re away from home.

These tasks may seem tedious but they are necessary. You wouldn’t want to leave your house with a risk of the interior getting damaged or your possessions stolen or harmed. Follow this list so you can enjoy your vacation with no worry!

Why do I need to do a maintenance check when I won’t even be using my house?

You need to do a maintenance check for many reasons such as for the upkeep and cleanliness of your house, for security reasons, and to prevent any appliance, equipment, furniture or fixture from becoming damaged while you’re away.

Can I perform these maintenance tasks myself?

Most of these, you can but some tasks like installing monitored smoke detectors, smart cameras, and to do plumbing services, it’s better to enlist the help of a professional maintenance company.