Founded in 2016 and has grown to facilitate services on both residential and commercial premises. The company rebranded as Big Elephant during the COVID-19 crisis promising to add genuine value and return of investments to our clients with our long-held mantra “revamping communities”. Our leadership collectively envisions a household name that is beloved and improves people’s lives. More importantly, all Big Elephant employees are co-workers in the truest sense of the word. And we use the term “co-worker” rather than employee to remind us that success of the company relies on our team.


“Working together like a cemented structure. God Almighty has promised sure success for those who work together with team spirit. Making efforts with total unity and solidarity.”

Made up of dedicated professionals both in the office and in the field, the Big Elephant Team creates success not only for our clients but also for themselves. Our People do make the difference.



Facility Management Services Secures Four Things

We provide a full-service management package that will offer property owners confidence and peace of mind. We anticipate all property maintenance needs and handle each  See more…


Why is AC Duct Cleaning in Dubai so Important?

We believe in delivering rapid, timely services and put in our best to ascertain that the whole system is cleaned right from the pipes and evaporator coils to the ducts. See more…


An Expert Electrical Maintenance Company in Dubai

We place immense value on maintaining the quality of our work, and it is for this reason that we have hand-picked a team of qualified & highly experienced electricians. Our team holds the training and background required See more…


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