What makes the WeFixIt app so useful is, it’s an online property maintenance service. WeFixIt allows tenants, technical service providers, and real estate managers to keep all their documents on their smartphones. It allows users to stay organized by keeping their documents on their person at all times only a simple tap away.  

You will never have to worry about where to keep all your important documents, with the WeFixIt document features. You will never have to worry about your contracts, cheques, deposit slips, or any other documents ever again.

How Can a Document Management System Help?

The one thing most people struggle with is organizing their documents and keeping them safe. With so much going on every day, it is easy to lose documents and important contracts. Keeping track of all of these becomes difficult. This is why a document management system is so important.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about missing payments. This means that the app secures your past, present, and future documents by keeping them recorded.

WeFixIt Property Maintenance System

WeFixIt, while continuously keeps itself engaged in providing the best real estate maintenance solutions; it also works hard on finding ways to provide its users with ease. This is where WeFixIt’s Documents Maintenance System comes in. It allows users to stay organized and efficient. Here are some of the key benefits you can avail by using WeFixIt’s document management feature.

  • Keep a Record of your Real Estate & other Documents

At times it gets difficult to manage and keep track of all the contracts. This can reduce work efficiency. By having WeFixIt, you can easily keep a log of all the documents to avoid any problems. Also, accessing and viewing them becomes an easy task as well. Just take a picture of the document and you can access it whenever you want.

  • Save Cheques and Deposit Slips

Another benefit of having documents managed is that it allows users to stay organized. Now, you will never have to spend hours finding deposit slips and cheques with the WeFixIt app.

  • Never Miss a Payment

With the everyday busy life, it is easy to forget about important dates. This management system allows users to set reminders for payment dates. Simply set a reminder for payment, and let the app do the rest. You will never miss a payment again.

How to Use the Document Maintenance System

Ready to get your documents organized? The steps are simple and easy to follow.

  1. Open the WeFixIt app.
  2. View documents by tapping the ‘docs’ icon in the WeFixIt app.
  3. Tap the ‘+’ icon for adding a new document.
  4. To add your document, simply take a picture of your camera. You can also upload pictures from your phone’s gallery.
  5. Set the title of your document once you add it.
  6. Set a reminder date. These reminder dates should be set for a few days before the expiry or due date of your contracts, documents, or cheques.
  7. Tap ‘expiry date’ to select the date of your documents.
  8. Select the apartment the document belongs to.
  9. Once done, tap ‘ok’ to save.
  10. If you want to view your document again, simply tap the ‘docs’ icon again.


Who should use this app?

The WeFixIt online property maintenance system is for everyone. With the help of this app, you can easily manage your documents. Furthermore, you may never have to worry about missing a payment. Go ahead and read about it on our website.

What makes this Documentation Maintenance App different from the others?

You can simply take a picture and keep a track of all your contracts, cheques and deposit slips. You can also set due to date reminders for an approaching payment OR contract renewal.