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Big Elephant is the premier provider of duct cleaning. Our professional technicians perform thorough cleanings, eliminating contaminants, like dust, mold and bacteria. Duct cleaning also helps prevent excessive home dust and allergies by removing irritants from your ductwork.




Duct Cleaning


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We only employ qualified team with knowledge & hands-on team to get it right, our quotations & invoices are clear, straightfoward.


Our quotations and invoices are clear and straight forward with no hidden fees or costly last-minute surprises.


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First Step

The Inspection Process

An experienced professional isn’t going to dive into your ductwork blindly. A Big Elaphant technician will complete an initial inspection to garner a better understanding of what kind of cleaning will be most beneficial and if there are any toxic or hazardous materials to be handled, such as asbestos or mold. Without performing a proper inspection, a duct cleaning provider would likely cause more harm than good, spreading harmful debris into your air.

Second Step

Addressing All the Components

Throughout the cleaning process, your Big Elaphant technician will address and service various HVAC system components, including these:


– Supply and return ducts

– Heating and cooling coils

– Diffusers and grillesDrip pans

– Fan housing and motor

– Air handling unit housing

About Us

Your home’s or business’s ductwork carries millions of seen and unseen contaminants and particles through the air every day. Because your system becomes dirtier with time and use, air duct cleaning is a fundamental service for improving and maintaining your indoor air quality. Big Elephants’s HVAC experts understand the importance and the mechanics of thorough and routine air duct cleaning services. Put our local technicians to work on maintaining your home or business air ducts, today!