Many times, people get confused about how to estimate maintenance costs for their properties. With the mission to make real estate maintenance easier for its clients, DWAAL provides you with different packages. With these packages, you can easily estimate the maintenance cost for your property. 

How DWAAL estimates your maintenance costs?

DWAAL provides a list of different packages that you can look into, to understand your needs and estimate maintenance cost accordingly.

Here are the packages that can help you make a decision:

  • The Economy Class Package, offered in just AED 199, provides you with a program meant to cater to a small family. It includes facilities such as home appliances check, complete cleaning, and maintenance services. A visit is scheduled twice a year from DWAAL’s experts to your property with Economy Class Package. 
Business Class
  • The Business Class Package, offered in just AED 299, is meant for larger families or commercial buildings. It increases the facilities from the Economy package. A visit is scheduled four times a year from DWAAL’s experts to your property with Business Class Package. 
First Class
  • The First Class Package, offered in just AED 399, is meant for vacation or holiday homes and Villas. It further increases the facilities of the Business Package. A visit is scheduled six times a year from DWAAL’s experts to your property with First Class Package. 
  • If you feel that your demands are not met with the list of packages provided above, you also have the option of opting for a Custom Made Package. Through a custom package, you can pick and choose the services you want. However, costs will vary according to the type of service, the number of apartments, and the frequency that you prefer. 
Rate Card 
Type of PackageCost in AED
Economy Class199
Business Class299
First Class399
Custom Made Package Tailored to your exact needs

DWAAL is flexible, easy, and efficient in helping you maintain your properties. But more from that, it also presents you with a formula you can use to ensure that you make a perfect choice. 

Be it a small or large family, a company, or a house you want to put on the market for holiday rentals. DWAAL provides you the natural solution to all your problems. Hassle-free, immediate access to the WeFixit app through which communication and filing complaints is easier than ever.

DWAAL, with its packages, helps you estimate maintenance costs for your property. So sit back, relax and let DWAAL help you out!

What is a maintenance cost?

These are expenses needed to keep an item or asset in working conditions, if not the original state—for example, deep cleaning, plumbing, etc.

How do you calculate maintenance costs?

It includes labor hours associated with maintenance and any costs incurred due to prevention or correction.