You may be one of those homeowners who are adept at finding excuses when it comes to giving your house a thorough cleanup. Rest assured, you are not alone.

Most of us will find just about any excuse when it comes to actually put on our gloves, and starting the cleaning process. Initiating such an operation requires an extra dose of motivation, a whole lot of will power, and some encouragement.

This scenario gave birth to the concept of professional home cleaning services. With the increasingly hectic lifestyles, hiring cleaners is the best bet to get the work done!

Once the significance of cleaning services is established, the next confusion comes with the question of how often such services are required around the house. 

Homeowners often resort to asking their cleaning company about their plans and routines based on which they would render their services. Here, one needs to understand that periodical cleaning may vary from case to case. The main factors affecting the decision are:

  • The location of your house,
  • The total area of the premises
  • And the kind of furniture and household equipment you have stashed in there. 

Below you will find useful tips that will offer the much-needed help in answering your queries. 

Factors that Impact House Cleaning Plans
  • Frequency that suits your schedule 

Here, cleaning up does not mean simply tidying things up after a night party. It would mean real cleaning including your carpets, bathrooms, furnishings and kitchen. The more the furnishing, the more is the need for frequent cleaning. If you work out of city and need to travel more often, then the cleaning should be done on weekends or fortnightly. Similarly, if you have a home based job, then you can conveniently plan it on a regular basis. Most professionals go for holiday cleaning only due to hectic schedules.

  • Knowing the infrastructure 

You should know about the infrastructure of your house and decide on the cleaning frequency in accordance to the infrastructure. It’s worthy to mention here that houses with gardens and those that are by the roadside require more attention and greater cleaning frequency than others. There are professional cleaning service providers in the market, who can suggest amazing service add-on and packages that satisfy your needs and are within your budget.  

  • Proper care of your appliances 

It is important to plan maintenance and services of your appliances while planning a cleaning spree as it certainly improves the life of your assets. Machines around the house need due overhaul and services as well. Arrange for in-depth cleaning of kitchen utensils, ovens, washing machines and other to ensure longer term usage. 

You can always hire professional cleaners to do the job for you.  They are really good at cleaning houses, and have been credited with saving their fair share of marriages. Professional cleaners have the right kind of equipment, experience and expertise that allows them to clean any house asset to perfection.

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Segments of House Cleaning

Now, let us come to the actual cleaning process. Whether you are doing it yourself, or hiring a professional to clean your house, you must know that your entire house, and everything inside it may be harboring more germs and bacteria than you can imagine. 

Source: interclean

The recent worldwide emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness suggests that you should not only clean your house, but also get rid of all the unwanted microorganisms that are often ignored. This would include cleaning the property as well as the following:

  1. Bathroom, bathtub and towels
  2. Kitchen (including appliances)
  3. Beds, pillows, and sheets
  4. Refrigerator
  5. Desktop and laptop
  6. Mattresses and carpets

Planning House Cleaning 

Cleaning all this stuff on a weekly basis will require a lot of time and effort on your part, and most probably you will not be able to do all this single handedly. So the most suitable cleaning timetable would lie somewhere between a month and a fortnight.

Likewise, if you opt for hiring a professional cleaning service, you should try calculating the time you can bear to be in an uncleansed house. A monthly cleaning schedule will be your best option if you also figure your finances within this matrix. You can always increase the frequency of cleaning visits, if you feel that the interval is too long to tolerate.

If you are still unable to make up your mind, you can request your cleaner to suggest a suitable frequency. They will look around your property, ask you a few relevant questions, and suggest a schedule.

So, just don’t keep fretting about the right frequency for house cleaning, simply pick up your phone and contact professional service providers for assistance.

Is there a requirement of signing a long-term contract with a house cleaner?

Of course not. House cleaners provide their services in such a manner that they would suit the lifestyle of the client. There are simply no long-term obligations associated with the service.

Do professional house cleaners bring their own equipment and supplies?

Most of the time, they do. This would mean that you are not required to buy these things. This also saves you a lot of money in the long run.