Maintenance is the core of real estate management. Its quality and efficacy are very important for landlords, real estate managers, and tenants.

For a long time, the real estate industry is looking for a solution that can address their automation needs. It is also true that tenants these days make decisions for choosing the right real estate to address their needs on how well they handle tenant’s queries and complaints.

DWAAL and WeFixIt

To solve tenants’ queries in a timely fashion, which is not only time-efficient but cost-effective, DWAAL has introduced a state of the art WefixIt app. 

WefixIt not only provides real estate managers and landlord records and updates of their buildings, but it also provides the best, fast, and easy to use solutions to tenant’s queries.  

WeFixIt provides a complaint mechanism where you can type, record, and issue reminders to help you communicate with real estate. A combination of improved coordination and reduced costs, DWAAL through WeFixit application eases the tenant-owner relationship while providing all the services under one platform.

As a Real Estate owner, why choose DWAAL?
  • You can relieve yourself from the added cost and hassle of hiring labor to cater to complaints and demands.
  • An automated system will ensure a continuous flow of information that you can personally monitor, helping transparency and efficiency.
  • You do not have to continually suffer at the hands of handymen who will disappear or perform below average because you have access to an unmatched database.
  • Maintenance can be made a lot easier and quick with the automation process.
  • This service is available at the click of a button with free access to the WeFixIt application.
As a Tenant, why choose DWAAL?
  • When dealing with maintenance problems, it is essential to resolve them on time. If your toilet is clogged, or your sink refuses to work. For these problems, you need instant solutions. DWAAL provides a timely remedy for such issues.
  • Cost is an aspect that you cannot ignore—having a package that meets your maintenance problems and still is a reasonable addition at your expense for home. Smart solutions with cost-effectiveness are exactly what DWAAL offers, specifically with its free access to the WeFixIt app.
  • On a regular system, you will have to face the delayed human responses. But because of the automated nature of this application, you are now free from the delays that may be a result of human error.
  • As an individual, you will have access to very few contacts that can help you with maintenance. They might be expensive for you, or their reliability may be questionable. With DWAAL, you get the added benefit of gaining access to a database of skilled, reliable handymen.
Linking your need to a relevant solution

Various mechanisms have emerged to satisfy your needs for a maintenance system. However, it would be best if you made the right choice when going for a smart system. As a real estate company, you must realize that the product you buy will directly impact your future sales and maintenance needs. Therefore, try to go for a system that is cost-effective and easy to use for your tenants.


If you are tired of paying substantial amounts for maintenance to please your tenants, DWAAL and WeFixit are bound to take the burden off your chest. What are you waiting for, grab the package today that best fits your needs, and be amazed!

What are the three types of maintenance?

Three of the most common types are preventive, corrective, and scheduled maintenance.

Is the maintenance cost fixed?

No, these are variable costs because they depend on the number of hours and the demand that you put in.