A handyman is a skilled person with a wide array of expertise in repair, particularly with homes and properties. Big Elephant has a team of expert handymen that can do all the tedious work in property repair and maintenance for you.

“From attics to basements and everything in between”

This sums up the handyman services we offer at Big Elephant. Any task that will lighten your load when done for you is considered a part of Big Elephant’s handyman services.

Handyman Services at Big Elephant Include:

                • Household carpentry
                • Assembling of furniture
                • Hanging of decors
                • Painting of walls
                • Improvement of flooring
                • Repair and cleaning of gutters

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Big Elephant’s Handyman Services Benefits:

Professional Service

We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals who provides polished and superior quality work. We don’t just get the job done; we get it done well.

Speedy & Efficient

A quick response time is our forte. We understand the need for easy
and quick access to handyman services. So, from booking to working, everything is done with speed and precision.

Spot Potential Problems

We go beyond just fixing your current concerns; we are generous in giving property maintenance advice in areas that could need your attention in the (near or far) future. We also provide tips on how you can further care for the areas we just fixed.

Have More Time for Yourself

Property repair and maintenance take time… a lot of time. With Big Elephant, you can leave the worrying and working to us so you can spend your time relaxing, unwinding, or bonding with friends & family.



From AC Maintenance to AC Repair in Dubai, We can Handle it All!

Best of all, our team is readily available on a 24/7 basis for emergency call outs on annual maintenance contracts only.  See more…


Why is AC Duct Cleaning in Dubai so Important?

We believe in delivering rapid, timely services and put in our best to ascertain that the whole system is cleaned  See more…


Handyman Can Help Prevent Small Problems from Turning Into Larger One

Hiring a trusted handyman to conduct small repairs, such as lighting maintenance or pipe repairs, can prevent larger problems in the future. Addressing small issues as they occur for at an affordable price, is more financially sound than waiting until the problem gets worse.


Saves Time and Effort from Having to do General Repairs or Installations Yourself

This is especially true when the handyman has an additional specialty or qualifications, such as plumbing, carpentry, or lighting repairs. A professional handyman may have access to specialized tools and equipment to complete a task safely and efficiently.


Handyman Can Help Prevent Small Problems from Turning Into Larger One

The ability to hire someone to complete multiple small projects as the need arises will keep your house in good condition on an ongoing basis. Never underestimate the effect a small repair or adjustment can have on your home in the long-run.

Why Big Elephant?

The Big Elephant team is marked by its brilliance, integrity, and excellent client relationship. When meeting us around the neighborhood, we are known for our warm treatment and skillful work.

We live up to this reputation by providing our clients with a transparent evaluation of the condition of their homes and a fair quotation with the service they will need. Since excellence is ingrained in our identity, we onboard nothing less than the best crew members and use top-quality materials when working on your home.

Big Elephant is quick to respond to your calls, meticulous with work, and attentive in listening to your feedback and concerns. Our neighborhood friends can’t help but smile after getting a visit from Big Elephant.


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