• The quality and state of a property
  • Functionality, comfort, and safety of those utilizing the property.
  • Keeps business owners in control of their property.
  • Warrant owners time to focus on their business instead of worrying about the state of their property.

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Big Elephant is composed of a team of professionals that will ensure that your property is in superb condition, receives routine check-ups, and that any property issues of your tenants are addressed on time.

We provide a full-service management package that will offer property owners confidence and peace of mind. We anticipate all property maintenance needs and handle each situation with excellence and attention to detail.

Big Elephant’s Property Maintenance Services Includes:


Evaluation of your property to determine its strong and profitable points


Assessment of areas of your property that need repair, modification, or upgrade


Provision of strategies that will maximize business profit


Routine and timely check-up in areas that need repair, revamp, and attention


Addressing minor property issues that could be a potential property threat in the future


Immediate attention to your tenants in case emergency repairs are needed


Regular reports and updates on your property’s condition

Big Elephant’s Big Variety of Services:

Soft Services

Security Management
Procurement Services
Front Office Management
Waste Management
Environment Related Services
24/7 Help Desk Coordinator
Pest Control Services

Hard Services

Energy Conservation Management
Computer Aided Facilities Management
Building Management Systems
General Building Maintenance
Plumbing Systems
Pumps & Fire Systems
Access Control Systems
Security & CCTV Systems
Public Address & Alarm Systems
Electrical Systems Maintenance
Lighting Systems
Reactive & Preventive Property Maintenance
Emergency Generation & UPS Systems



Excellent Communication

Communication is the seed of many brilliant things. So, excellent and effective communication is part of Big Elephant’s core values. We attentively listen to your concerns and goals for your property. We are also transparent with communicating property maintenance strategies and authentic opinions regarding your property’s condition.

Smooth Experience

We are committed to providing you a hassle-free experience. From property evaluation and repair to business owner status reports, the entire process will feel like a walk in the park for you.

Healthy Client Relationship

Healthy partnerships are essential to success. This could mean success in revamping your property, success in your business, and success in our goal of exceeding your satisfaction.

In every partnership we have, we build on trust, open communication, and excellence.

Work with Professionals

Like we always say, we don’t just do the job— we do the job well. We have experts on board who have a rich experience when working with the complexity and challenges of property maintenance.

Comfort & Satisfaction

We want you to sit back and relax as we do the work for you. We are here so you can use your time managing your business or having fun with your family. Leave the worrying and fixing up to us.

Big Elephant is one of the fastest growing facilities management companies in the UAE. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us on 04 370 5242 or simply fill out the form below!



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