The level of protection that is required for your home and office can only be guaranteed by one of the best property maintenance company in UAE. Big Elephant offers a wide range of maintenance services, ensuring that every client is handled carefully. 

At Big Elephant, you can be assured of high work quality. From providing top-notch services to ideal customer care, our main priority is client satisfaction. As one of the best property maintenance company, we offer quick responses, especially in case of emergency.

Do you need a property maintenance company for your home or office? Then go for the best! Keep on reading to learn why Dwaal is the ultimate right choice.

Services Offered by Big Elephant

Big Elephant’s property maintenance services are divided into two main types: 

  • Soft services 
  • Hard services. 

Every house and working space needs these services, so they are both combined in all packages. Soft services include housekeeping, watchman, window cleaning and waste management, etc. On the other hand, hard services include civil works, plumbing, air conditioning, electrical services and any problem requiring a handyman. 

In order for home or building to function properly, soft and hard services are highly important. You can’t run your home without maintaining it regularly, and it’s best to hire a service that can be trusted.

To enjoy these services, you can choose one out of these three options. According to your need

  1. Economy Class

If you want to give Big Elephant a try for the first time, then this is the best package for you. The starter package costs only 199 AED per month and offers a lot of services. These services include planned preventive maintenance and deep cleaning. You can also call for air conditioning, plumbing and electrical services two times a year with this service.

With this package, the company offers standard calls to your home or place of business twice a month. You can also call the company for emergency situations twice a month. All of this for an affordable price, this just gives you all the more reason why you should give this company a try.

  1. Business Class

This is the second package from Big Elephant and goes for an affordable price of 299 AED monthly. It offers all that the Economy Class provides with even more added perks.

Also, emergency calls and standard calls happen four times a month. The prices are extremely affordable and convenient which is why this is the best maintenance company for you.

  1. First Class

For anyone who needs property maintenance in buildings and offices, the first-class package is a perfect fit. It goes for a reasonable price of 399 AED per month and offers all that the business class offers. In this case, you get the air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and pest control services four times a year.

Emergency and standard calls happen six times a month under this service. In this package, Big Elephant will also offer deep cleaning and planned preventive maintenance services for the building.


Who does Big Elephant offer its services for?

Anyone who lives in a home or works in an office need property maintenance. As long as you’re a tenant or homeowner in UAE, or you need to take care of your company’s property, you need Big Elephant.

Why should I choose Big Elephant?

Big Elephant is committed to providing only the best type of real estate maintenance services and it does this through a skilled and professional team. It would be best if you choose Big Elephant, because you can depend on their services to provide the best.